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b5 Avoiding Another Tragedy of the Commons - The Bundeena Maianbar WaterCycle Management Study - a case study of the application of watercycle management techniques to a community sewage treatment issue.
The report has been prepared by the Port Hacking Protection Society, supported by a National Landcare grant and the voluntary assistance of a number of persons and organisations. its purpose is to assist those communities which:
b4 face a water supply and / or sewerage contamination problem within a small town or village; b4 are keen to find solutions which are environmentally and socially sustainable; b4 need assistance in structuring their approach to the problem; and b4 are looking for proven alternatives which are available within Australia

1997, Port Hacking Protection Society Inc.

b5 NB: File Size Warning - The Report contains 140 pages of text, charts and diagrams. For best viewing, adjust your screen to 800x600 or 1024x768, if you can. A zipped folder containing both documents is provided for your convenience. Local viewing is recommended.

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