Professor Paul Martin
B. Juris/Llb. M.Com. Certified Practising Accountant, admitted to the NSW Bar
The listing below is incomplete for the sake of brevity. Projects often combine elements of negotiation, facilitation and strategic advice but are categorized distinctly.

  • Pharmacy Guild of Australia: negotiation of government long term agreements for the national financing of pharmaceutical benefits, over 10 years.
  • NSW State Rail/Bis Shrapnel: representation of union interests in the negotiation of transfer of all NSW non-urban rail assets to National Rail.
  • Kitzra Ltd: Technology acquisition
  • Edward Lumley Insurances - Corporate acquisition advice
  • International Measurement Systems - international distribution, corporate restructuring.
  • Bis Shrapnel, strategic planning, and Board consultation
  • Pharmacy Guild of Australia and 11 other health service professional organisations: establishment and leadership of national healthcare alliance.
  • Environmental Group Limited: strategic planning for growth, including acquisitions.
  • Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation: Northern Australia R&D strategy development
  • Gold Cross Pty Limited: Strategic plan development
  • National Mutual – Strategic planning workshops for top management team.
  • NSW State Rail - Design and implement commercial business planning system.
  • Lonely Planet – team planning sessions and strategy design.
  • Land and Water Australia: studies on:
  • environmental regulation;
  • institutional reforms for sustainability;
  • tax-leveraged conservation of farmland; and
  • reform of the regulatory processes concerned with rural environmental assets.
  • Department of Industry Science and Technology: Environment Industries export strategy
  • Macquarie Graduate School of the Environment/AWT: on-line services concept
  • Australian LifeCycle roundtable: National materials accounting strategy
  • Department of Primary Industries & Energy/ Unisearch Limited: The market introduction strategy for a national Housing Energy Rating Scheme (NATHERS).
  • South Australian Department of Agriculture/Unisearch: Evaluation of the feasibility of a wheat to ethanol industry on the Eyre peninsula
  • The Environment Group Limited - Growth through acquisition strategy
  • Unisearch Ltd / Energy Research & Development Corp - Evaluation and advising, commercial strategy for energy efficient building innovations.
Intelligence, counsel and analysis
  • Continental Venture Capital Limited: sectoral investment strategy.
  • Department of Industry Science and Technology: Industry development research and advice
  • Cabonne Wines Limited (later Reynolds Wines): Revenue growth and international wholesale/resale marketing strategies.
  • Western Sydney Economic Zone: Regional economic development strategy.
  • DBIRD (Qld): Intellectual property commercialisation strategies
  • Zoecon (Sandoz) Limited: Market Entry Strategy for Biological Insect Control technologies.
  • BHP International Pty Limited
  • Planning advice and review (multiple projects).
  • International project planning.
  • Australian Wool Corporation Pty Limited: Industrial Relations, Marketing and Distribution Aspects of the proposed Introduction of Robot Controlled Shearing
  • CSIRO/BHP/Unisearch: Evaluation of commercial prospects of:
  • aerial surveying; and
  • space based land information services.
  • CRC for Waste Management & Pollution Control
  • Evaluation of projects
  • Development of commercialisation strategy.
  • Metro-Mushrooms: support for the merger of major metropolitan mushroom wholesaler
  • Australian Technology Park: Business Plan development, internet services, project team leadership.
  • Apple Computer (Calif) – Computer manufacturing study.
  • Unisearch Ltd/Energy Research & Development Corp.: Evaluation and advising, commercial strategy.
  • The Australian Horticultural Corporation: design of an export promotion and certification scheme for citrus.
  • BHP/Temco : Research and decision making system for smelting by-product market opportunities
  • Dibbs Crowther & Osborne, solicitors - Develop and implementation of growth strategies.
  • Innovation Centre of NSW - Research of key publics, and strategy formulation.
  • Unisearch Ltd - Strategic planning and review.
  • Pooled Development Funds Board - Development capital industry research.
  • Australia Post - advice on franchising structures and agreements for franchised post offices.
  • BHP Engineering - industry analyses and strategic advice (multiple projects)
  • Department of Industry Technology and Commerce – Needs assessment and planning support National Industry Extension Service;
  • Interscan Ltd - Independent assessment of viability (aircraft landing systems)
Capabilities development
  • Pharmacy Guild of Australia: Strategic negotiation training
  • Development of commercial skills and planning approaches.
  • Negotiation and relationship formation
  • Srategic planning and strategy development
  • NSW Forestry Commission (State Forests of NSW): Business and corporate planning.
  • St Vincent's Hospital, Darlinghurst - Strategic planning
  • SBC Warburg - Development of thinking capabilities
  • Sydney Electricity - Commercialisation skills, Advanced commercial strategy thinking for senior managers.
  • Telstra - Decision support and mentoring, development of broadband and call centre strategies.
  • Thorn EMI Group (South East Asia) - Staff development and strategic mentoring.

2009 Research Director, Faculty of the Professions, University of New England
2005 Professor and Director, Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law, New England University.
1998-2003 Senior Visiting Fellow, Australian Graduate School of Management
1994-1996 Adjunct faculty,
New Venture Planning, Australian Graduate School of Management UNSW
1994-1996 Visiting Associate Professor,
Enterprise Development, Sydney University Graduate School of Business
1993 Adjunct Lecturer,
Business ethics Sydney University Graduate School of Business
1991-1993 Director,
Accelerated Development Programme, Australian Graduate School of Management.
Subject Leader, Law. Australian Open Learning Program, Australian Graduate School of Management (ongoing role till 2001)
1992-1996 Editorial Member,
International Journal on Strategy and Entrepreneurship
1983-1993 Visiting Fellow, Australian Graduate School of Management. Subjects taught
Business Law; International Business Transactions and the Law; Entrepreneurship; New Venture planning;.
1986- 1996 Lecturer, various short courses, Australian Graduate School of Management: Accelerated Development Program and Development Program for Managers. 1988/92 Law for Managers, Introduction to Strategy, and Ethics and Management.
1987 -1992 Director - NSW and Tasmanian Enterprise Workshops program. Commercial Strategy, and Negotiating Effective Agreements.
1986-1988 Lecturer.
Law for Marketing Marketing Diploma, University of NSW
1986 Coordinator/lecturer. Australian Graduate School of Management,
Strategy for Fast Growth,Technology Based businesses. (AIDC sponsored program)
1981-82 Tutor in Law, Macquarie University Law School and School of Economic and Financial studies.
Part time Lecturer in Commercial Law, and Part time Lecturer in Marketing, Ryde TAFE
Grants/Research contracts

1992 NSW Law Foundation - Trust and Commercial Relations
1993 Education and Training Foundation Commercialisation strategies, skills and techniques
2000 Land & Water Australia Cartography for Environmental Law
Options for reform in Australian natural resource property rights, land tenure and land management institutions and arrangements.
2002 Law Society of NSW
National Competition Policy discussion paper
2005 Cooperative Research Centre for Irrigation Futures: Social, Cultural and Institutional Research programme Multi-year, multi-project research funding (additional funding, 2009).
2005 WWF Australia
The Costs and Benefits of a proposed Mandatory Invasive Species Labelling Scheme
2006 Land & Water Australia/Australian Farm Institute Developing a Good Regulatory Practice Model for Environmental Regulations Impacting on Farmers
2007 Land & Water Australia Developing a Good Regulatory Practice Model for Environmental Regulations Impacting on Farmers
NSW Government Climate Action Grant, 2nd Generation Biofuels

Publications, lectures and reports

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