Editorial Services

  • Academic papers
  • Grant applications
  • Theses
  • Reports
  • Prose (fiction and non-fiction)

Do you:

  • Need help beyond proofreading?
  • Have something to write about but uncertain how to do it well?
Draw on our extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines including: environment, strategy, ethics, management, psychology, behavioural studies, invasive species (plants and animals) and health.

Rates for editing work are based on:

  • $60 per hour for structural editing (Concentrates on the flow, style, logic and consistency of the document. Is it easy to understand and use? Does it make sense? Is it accessible to the reader?)
  • $30 per hour for copy editing ( Looks at the details of language, spelling and punctuation, and consistency of style in terms of both language and layout. Checks: text for house style; sources and references; and, if necessary, facts; lists, illustrations, glossaries, contents etc. for missing or incorrect entries.)
  • $15 proofreading (Last read through of a document ready for publication.)