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b5 Developing the Environment Sector - Some Observations (PDF 222KB)
The Profit Foundation Pty Limited, 2001

b5 Being Heard Above the Crowd
A showcasing strategy for the Australian environmental industry.
The Profit Foundation Pty Limited, 2000

b5 Methodology for NRM Law-In Context Studies (PDF 412KB)
The aim of this paper is to develop a framework for the conduct of cross-disciplinary studies that will lead to regulatory approaches which are effective in generating sustainability enhancing behaviours in natural resource management.
The Profit Foundation Pty Limited, June 2000

b5 Sustainability, Strategy and Society (PDF 175KB)
This paper sets forward some concepts to think about. Whilst it talks a bit about regulation, this is only because its genesis was a LWRRDC study to inform more effective regulation.
The Profit Foundation Pty Limited, August 2000

b5 A National Materials Accounting Strategy
This document outlines a proposed Australian national strategy for various materials accounting techniques like Life Cycle Assessment, Flux Analysis and other such materials optimisation techniques.
The Profit Foundation Pty Limited, 1998, authors Paul Martin and Miriam Verbeek.

b5 Avoiding Another Tragedy of the Commons - The Bundeena Maianbar WaterCycle Management Study
A case study of the application of watercycle management techniques to a community sewage treatment issue.
1997, Port Hacking Protection Society Inc.

b5 The effects of power on its users:
Thesis Submitted in Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, AGSM UNSW