Philosophy and approach
Our services are delivered within the framework of an unique philosophy, and a cost effective approach.

b5 A Scientific basis
A wealth of literature shows that maximising the potential value of an innovation is not the same as other management tasks. Strategy when pursuing rapid growth, or in turbulent contexts, is not the same as 'steady state' strategy. The empirical literature married to experience is the basis of our work.

b5 Project team management
We put together teams of experts tailored to the specific task, drawn from a network of specialists. No trainees - just skilled individuals, contributing within a tightly managed project team.

b5 Maximum value to the client
We aim to leave the maximum value in the hands of the client. Our techniques include:
b3 Delivering training and development of your staff, incidental to the conduct of the project
b3 Execution in a that leaves behind a documented methodology for ongoing implementation
b3 Providing introductions and network opportunities where these are possible

b5 Real value, the basis of a sustained relationship
Our marketing approach is simple - provide real value to the client, so that you build a sustained relationship, and you will enjoy working together. Word of mouth and repeat business will follow.